Many of our clients are fast-growing businesses

that offer world-class products or services.  But they lacked consistent employment tools and practices.  As the company grew, employee issues multiplied, stealing precious time and focus away from productivity and strategic imperatives.

While some organizations identify a specific need, such as performance measures or interview training for key individuals, more often new clients look for advice on where to gain the biggest HR ‘bang for the buck’.  In this case, we conduct a full HR Assessment where we document current practices and recommend specific and practical changes in the following areas:

Text Box: Recruiting and Hiring
Payroll and Compensation
Employee Benefits
Internal Communications
Training and Performance Management
HR Compliance and Administration


From here we work with the executive team to prioritize organizational needs and develop an HR Strategy and Action Plan.

Next (by request) KB Management Consulting partners with the business to implement the Plan and remains a management resource for years to come.  In fact, we proudly continue to serve our very first client since 2001.

We offer executive level

HR perspectives and solutions

without adding expensive overhead.


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